About Us

We enable students to learn, create or cultivate their skills in visual arts.

The Art Verve Academy

We are known for our professional instructors, who teach the love of art as well as their share their knowledge, skills & expertise both online and in person. You are sure to find an experience with us that will take your skills to the next level! Visit us at the ArtVerveAcademy.com or follow us on social media!

The Art Verve Online

Practice or study at home, we have plenty of resources! Also, perfect for folks that live outside of Southern Arizona. The Art Verve Blog has educational articles for self-study written by our professional teaching artists. Enjoy!

Art Verve Excursions

The Art Verve Excursions Program facilitates instructor led art workshops in drawing and painting with organized tours of surrounding architecture, art or museums.

We travel to different cities or countries, giving participants the opportunity to learn, create or cultivate the visual arts outside of the classroom or on their vacation.

Art Verve Association

If you would like to join us, please do so! You can find our planned meetups on Facebook under 'Events' in our "AVA Student FB Group." If you don't already have a free Facebook account, you will need one to receive notifications, check for updates, find logistics or get directions to each event. We only require that you have taken at least one class with us in Tucson, AZ.

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