Links to articles & free tutorials, perfect for self study! Here you will find free articles on the internet for further exploration of topics.


Basic Drawing Lessons

Figure Drawing Lessons

  • The Figure Drawing Lab for a better understanding of the elements that make up the human figure and how to portray them

Perspective Drawing

  • Arty Factory is an interactive tutorial to teach you the angles of perspective drawing and how it works.

The Elements of Design




  • Shape - Introduction to the concept of shape


  • Value - Introduction to the concept of value 
  • Light and Shade - Drawing lesson from Sheri Lynn Boyer Doty on value


  • Size - Great interactive tools to explain the effect of size 


  • Texture - Introduction to texture


  • Munsell Color System

  • Color Charts

    • Color Frontier - Chart Your Palette! Artists who are serious about mastering color, know the value of "doing the charts"
  • Subtractive Color, i.e. Pigments in Paint

  • Pigments

    • Pigments Through the Ages - From prehistoric times, humans have left an imprint on their environment in the form of painted images, which both beautified their world and expressed their thoughts and feelings.
  • Additive Color, i.e. Computer Monitors

  • Web Design


Art Appreciation & Art History

  • Free Art Lessons from the Artyfactory they have tons of information for students to learn anything from Art History to creating art.
  • Google Art Project - Need to see some paintings from the Masters up close & personal? Here you will find high resolution images from study
  • The History of Life Drawing - crucial to an artist's development, it is one of the most longstanding aspects of an artist's training with centuries of history.

Other Great Educational Blogs

Photographing Artwork

Professional Artists

Instructors & Teaching Artists

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