Basic Drawing

The Aspects of Drawing (Not Necessarily in Order)

  1. Gesture, or Sketch
  2. Scale, Measurement or Proportion ("Block-in")
  3. Line & Shape 
  4. Perspective & Form
  5. Structure and Mass
  6. Light & Shadow
  7. Refinement

External links to articles & free tutorials, perfect for self study! Here you will find free articles on the internet for further exploration of topics.

How to Draw Journey by Deborah Mends

* Basic Drawing Art School Online presented by the WetCanvas Community Forum, general drawing topics and basic reference advice for students

* Beginning Artist by Gary Gumble, complex drawing concepts made simple

* ​Charles Brague Drawing Course, digital download package

* At Classical Atelier Home you can learn traditional fine art on your own with free information and techniques

* Watercolor has some great tutorials for complex idea that are extremely simplified and easy to follow
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