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Cleaning brushes in important, if you want them to last. To get them clean you must wipe the extra paint off first using a paper towel before rising or use a "washboard" like washer.

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Brush Washers for Watercolor or Gouache

You can use a regular cup for water on the go but when in the studio find something larger and preferably with a "washboard."

Preferred Brands for Watercolor
  • Loew Cornell Brush Tub
  • Loew Cornell Better Way Brush Cleaner
  • Masterson Fresh Water Rinse Well

Loew Cornell Brush Tub II Loew Cornell Brush Tub II
This new slim rectangular shaped tub has all the benefits of our classic round tub plus a new longer, larger cleaning area, a paint-saver palette, a sectioned palette, and graduated brush rests.

Loew Cornell Round Brush Tub Loew Cornell Round Brush Tub
Multi-purpose container holds water or solvents, lift-off lid prevents evaporation. Openings of various sizes surround rim for upright brushes. Ridges on bottom aid in cleaning brushes. Made of unbreakable plastic.

Masterson Fresh Water Rinse Well, 28 oz. Masterson Fresh Water Rinse Well, 28 oz.
Keeps fresh water at hand without multiple containers or trips to sink. Plastic water bottle fits base to form a well for brush cleaning. A reservoir holds used water. Pushbutton drain and refill operation.

Water Misting

With water media you may want to slow down the drying time by misting your paints or surface with water. You can purchase an inexpensive bottle for spraying water at any local store or get one from the art store.

Holbein Watercolor Atomizer Bottle Holbein Watercolor Atomizer Bottle
This quality constructed atomizer bottle creates a stippled mist which is ideal for many painting techniques. This is a clear, 2 oz (59 ml) plastic bottle with a non-clogging nozzle.

Brush Washers for Oil

You can also use metal or glass washers for watercolor or gouache however since odorless mineral spirits is used to clean oil paint from brushes after painting in oil, oil painters use glass or metal contianers only.

Preferred Brands for Watercolor
  • Silicoil Brush Cleaning Tank
  • Holbein Metal Brush Washers

Silicoil Brush Cleaning Tank Silicoil Brush Cleaning Tank
Stroke a brush across surface of aluminum coil to open and separate hairs for proper cleaning without damaging fragile flags (the delicate split ends of brush hairs). Heavy glass tank holds 12-oz of water or solvent

Holbein Metal Brush Washers, Metal Brush Washer, Medium, Size 3-3/4&quot x 3-3/4&quot Holbein Metal Brush Washers, Metal Brush Washer, Medium, Size 3-3/4&quot x 3-3/4&quot
These brush-washing canisters are made from seamless, rust-proof, chrome-plated iron. Unlatch three clamps to reveal an airtight rubber seal and removable brush scrubber. They are absolutely leak proof and will withstand a lifetime of use.

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