Color Space
'Color' is all around us. It adds excitement and emotion to our lives. Everything from the clothes we wear, the pictures we paint and the environment in which we live revolves around color. Without color, the world would be a much less attractive place.

External links to articles & free tutorials, perfect for self study! Here you will find free articles on the internet for further exploration of topics.


Color the Dimensions of Color by David Briggs. Modern and traditional color theory is discussed in detail

Color Science - Additive Color and the RGB Process

The Joy of Visual Perception - How color vision works. The visual stages from the stimulus to the perception of the external world

Munsell Color System

Munsell Hues - Munsell Primay Hues 
Munsell Color Wheel - Munsell Color Wheel Poster
Munsell Color and Science - Overview of Albert H. Munsell, creator of the Munsell Color System
Munsell Color Notation - Learn how Munsell Color Notation works where hue, value and chroma are referred to as (HVC)
Munsell Color Tools - Systems for Precise Color Validation to define your color and ensure its accuracy every time it appears.

Color Charts

Color Frontier - Chart Your Palette! Artists who are serious about mastering color, know the value of "doing the charts"

Subtractive Color, i.e. Pigments in Paint

The Color of Art - Pigment, Paints & Formulas - Artist supply & manufacturer's color charts with color index pigment names

Additive Color, i.e. Computer Monitors

Color Schemer Online - Find possible color schemes from a selected color. 

Color Smart - Interactive Tool by Behr to find the perfect color.

More Crayons - Work with an interactive color cube.


Pigments Through the Ages - From prehistoric times, humans have left an imprint on their environment in the form of painted images, which both beautified their world and expressed their thoughts and feelings.
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