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What Are Monotypes?

Monotype and monoprint are sometimes used interchangeably because both involve the transfer of waterbased or oil based ink onto paper using a transfer process or a press.

Monotypes allow considerable freedom and are also known as the most painterly method among the printmaking techniques. Monotypes are a pulled impression from a plate that is a blank smooth non-absorbent surface with no permanent markings or incisions. The directness of painting onto the plate requires skills of drawing and painting as well as a sure hand and a considerable degree of spontaneity.

It is unlike most printmaking, where multiple prints maybe created by re-inking a plate that has been engraved. A monotype is a true unique image, once the print is made and the ink is gone.

What Are Monoprints?

A 'monoprint' is made in the same way as a monotype but is one of a series, therefore not wholly unique. 

One image maybe pulled from the plate. However a secondary or third less contrasted what is called a 'ghost' image maybe printed onto paper from the same plate.

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